My Post-Christmas Single! 

Hello Folkses!  It has always been my intention to use my music to help those individuals who are suffering from hunger.  So, I am thrilled to announce that very soon my post-Christmas single will be released, which will benefit The Chicago Food Depository.  

I use the term post-Christmas (even though the release is scheduled for before Christmas), because of the lyrics.  The title of the single is "The Bells of Christmas," and it is based on an 1863 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  He is encouraged, having heard the bells on Christmas day, that peace and goodwill will ultimately triumph.  

Let us, together, help feed families who are suffering from hunger.  Share this with your friends and family, and through this beautiful Christmas tune, lets make some magic happen!  


Merry Christmas,




Everyone Says Hi Music Video Launches! 


Hello, Folkses!   The music video for my single, "Everyone Says Hi," has finally launched on YouTube!   The video has a "homemade movie feel," thanks to the folks who submitted video selfies and those brave "random" folks on the streets of Chicago who lent their faces.   I hope you enjoy watching the music video as much as we enjoyed recording this beautiful song written and originally performed by David Bowie.  Please LIKE, and more important, SHARE it.  Also, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube Channel.  More content arriving soon.  






The Wait is Over! 

Mykael's new single, "Everyone Says Hi," has finally arrived.  This David Bowie cover is a guitar-driven pop-rock ballad laced with a smidgen of country.  It's spring, it's love, it's happiness rolled up in one feel good song.  Get on over to your favorite digital music outlet and grab your copy NOW!  



Behind The Scenes of My "Everyone Says Hi" Recording Session! 

It was a great day here in Chicago at Rax Trax Recording Studio.  Thomas (engineer) was awesome, and I had my Black Chick Brigade in tow!  I am very excited to have this opportunity to cover a David Bowie song.  It is scheduled to be released on my birthday, April 18. We also laid vocals for another song titled, "A Brave Thing," which is scheduled to be released sometime in May. 

I am always fascinated by what goes on behind the closed doors of a recording session, especially when the artist is a favorite of mine. So, it is in that spirit that I share this short video clip.  Enjoy, and as always...


LovePeace&Light  --Mykael




Frist Single and Music Video on April 18, 2017! 

I am happy to announce the first single from my new album will be released on my birthday, April 18!  It's been a long time coming and I am extremely excited.  The single is titled "Everyone Says Hi," which is also a David Bowie cover; one of his lesser known songs.  Mr. Bowie's original recording is upbeat and bouncy, whereas my interpretation is more of a ballad.  I am equally excited about the music video.  Happy Times, indeed!  

Cover of Adele's "When We Were Young" 

I thought I would give this Adele cover a go.  I am not sure how someone so young could write such lyrics and sing them with suc passion, but I suppose that is her genius.  I hope a did this tune at least some justice.  


China & Seth Kent (Alright Alright) 

Recently I attended CDbaby's DIY Musician's Conference held here in my hometown, Chicago.  It was three amazing days filled with music and invaluable information.  I needed a fire lit under my butt and this  convention was exactly what the doctor had ordered. Most precious though were the friendships forged; among them are China and Seth who make up the duo "Alright Alright." I had the awesome privilege of hearing them perform live during a parlor show (more on that later).  China's vocals are raw, passionate, and powerful.  Their harmonies will melt your soul.  I was intensely mesmerized.  Instantly I became a super fan for life! Check out a recent Parlor Show performance below!



I never imagined the day would come when Chaka and her siblings, Bonnie (aka Taka Boom), and Mark would make a record together.  Ladies and gents, that day has arrived!  The track titled "House of Love," was written and produced by FOMO, the duo of Shaboom Records co-founder Mark Bell (aka Blakkat) and producer Jamie Petrie (JP). Naturally, Chaka's voice is front and center of this Funk Dance-infused track, but when all three voices marry it is...well, heaven to my ears.  Check out it and see how you won't  help but to "shake your body".


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