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Mykael (My-Kah-EL) is a soul-rock singer-songwriter and recording artist living in Chicago.  His musical journey started at the age of nine when he was recruited to be a member of the Chicago Children's Concert Unit in Training. Throughout his high school years, Mykael was a frontman for several bands including Dance, R&B, Acoustic, and Indie Rock.  

Mykael was exposed to jazz music at a very young age by his uncle who owned a massive jazz vinyl record collection.  It was that exposure that led him to release his first EP, titled Sentimental,  which featured jazz standards, both well known and obscure.  It also featured an original tune which he wrote, "Two Rooms, Too Bad, Too Sad."  

Rock music was also integral to Mykael's musical palate development.  He listened to artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, Journey, The Stones, The Beatles, Jefferson Starship, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, The Pretenders, et al.  

"New," is the title of his current project.  It is an offering of music that is influenced by soul, rock, and jazz.  The first single from the project is a David Bowie cover, "Everyone Says Hi."  Bowie's original version is upbeat and peppy, whereas Mykael's version is more of a mid-range ballad.  The album is being released in two phases:  the first phase will be the release of six singles over time.  The second phase will be the release of another six or so songs all at once which will complete the album.  

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