About two years ago I discovered K-pop (Korean pop music).   I instantly fell in love and became a fan of this music.  Most of the songs have a smidgen of English lyrics, but as with all music, you don't need to know the language a song is made in to understand its sentiment.  As I started to listen to K-pop I became a fan of a handful of artists: Soyou, Jungiggio, the female Korean version of Destiny's Child, Gugudan; Chung Hai, HENRY, and the Michael-Jacksonesque K-pop phenomenon, Rain!  Rain is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and choreographer who also is an actor.  He sells out stadiums, and his concerts create pandemonium just like MJ did.   At 38 he dances like he's 20. His Choreography is fluid and innovative.  

Now, for those unfamiliar with K-pop, I am sure you have your doubts about the production quality, and the music itself.  I had my doubts until I heard Soyou and Jungiggio's duet, "Some."  Then, I discovered Gugudan, and then I discovered Rain, who has a new single out called "Why Don't We," a pop-dance track that will most definitely get you on your feet dancing in front of your full-length mirror.  Take a look and listen. 


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